This afternoon, as regular readers of this Web log can readily imagine, my dear brother Rob Roy invited himself and his son Jason over to my home in Great Falls, Virginia, to watch the World Cup Championship on the oversize HDTV in the furnished basement. And to avail themselves of my extensive collection of world-class potables while they were at it, of course. I played soccer as a kid – I’m in that demographic – and I’d be the first to vouch that it’s a very absorbing game to play. Watching it, on the other hand, is a skill I have yet to fully acquire. So while, about thirty minutes into the match, the highlight of which was a putative [...]


When my sister-in-law Katje gets a bug in her ear concerning a certain subject, she’s pretty much implacable. So when she called me on Wednesday to make arrangements for dinner at my place in Great Falls, Virginia Saturday night, and insisted on doing all the necessary shopping and making everything herself so my brother Rob Roy and my nephew Jason could “play games and drink while I’m slaving away in the kitchen,” I knew something was afoot. It turned out to be her extremely liberal upbringing on the Upper East Side of New York City, which figures. As regular readers of this Web log know, Rob and I are also from New York – we grew up in Little Italy, [...]


Last night, Cerise arranged to meet me for dinner at La Taberna del Alabardero, which she recently discovered, and wanted me to try. It proves, she insisted, that world class dining doesn’t have to cost as much as I usually pay. I’m always up for new experiences, and well aware that there are some great values for your money here in Washington if you’re willing to seek them out, and I wasn’t disappointed. But this isn’t a restaurant review – this blog entry is about what happened before, when I stopped by the Round Robin Bar after work for a couple of pre-dinner drinks. What I saw when I walked in was quite a shock, really. There were Professor Martin [...]


Last night I stopped by the Round Robin Bar before meeting Cerise to take in a performance at the Woolly Mammoth Theater.  There I saw Cabot, who is with the United States Agency for International Development Office of Transition Initiatives.  Now, USAID is associated with the State Department, and everybody knows how those folks can drink, but even for that crowd, Cabot was beyond the pale.  He was so tipsy that I was rather surprised he recognized me. “Collins!” Cabot called, a bit too loudly, as he plunked himself down on the empty chair next to me, “how’s the policy consulting business these days?” “Pretty good,” I confessed.  “Which is to say, the worse things get in this insane world [...]


Rose and Katje both called me this week to chat and drop hints about bringing their families over to my place in Great Falls, Virginia for Sunday dinner.  Their motives were different, of course.  Katje’s husband, my dear younger brother Rob Roy, wants to hang out at my place this weekend and next so he and their son Jason can watch the NCAA tournament on the truly bodacious oversized HDTV in the game room downstairs while availing themselves of the collection of twenty different brands of designer beers I happen to keep stored there in a jumbo glass door bar cooler.  Rose, on the other hand, stuck out there in the wilds of Fairfax with her brother-in-law Arthur and both [...]

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