Things keep hopping here in Washington, as Hamid Karzai kissing off Uncle Sam in his farewell address to the Afghan Parliament; Obama backing out on his new nominee for Surgeon General; the United States Attorney managing to convince a grand jury to indict an Indian Deputy Consul General along with the customary ham sandwich – and for the second time, no less; a mysteriously vanishing Malaysia Airlines 777 jetliner raising the hackles of diplomats all over town and, of course, the continuing Ukrainian crisis causing stomach ulcers and heart attacks in national capitals world wide, all did their respective parts to pack my schedule from well before dawn until far after sundown with distraught clients of every stripe.  I managed to [...]


With the Ukrainian Crisis in its second week, the Dalai Lama visiting Washington amid protests both diplomatic as well as on the streets, and the Conservative Political Action Conference in full swing, those would have been quite sufficient to keep Gretchen and me working twelve and fourteen hour days all week, including up until ten at night Saturday.  But on top of all that, as luck and United States foreign policy would have it, Secretary of State John Kerry chose this week to send each and every US ambassador explicit instructions to make climate change their top priority, and quote, “…promote concerted action at posts and in host countries to address this problem.”  Sheesh!  As if there weren’t enough people [...]


It’s no wonder Gretchen and I had to work this weekend.  With the situation in Ukraine quickly degenerating into a vast porcine fornication that will surely overshadow even Syria’s current world-class performance, folks here in DC are defecating bricks from Langley to the Pentagon to the White House to Foggy Bottom, and it appears my advice has never been more sought after or valuable than now.  We came in early to make sure everybody got their consultation while there was still time for them to take meaningful and effective action, but by noon, the Federation Council had asked Putin to recall the Russian ambassador to the United States and invade Ukraine immediately.  After that, all hell broke loose, every line [...]


My seven o’clock consultation session yesterday evening was with Calvin Windbreaker, senior executive policy advisor to the Republican National Committee.  His first words, as he made himself comfortable on the couch in front of the picture window in my office were, “Jesus Christ, Tom, can you believe this ridiculous weather we’ve been having here in Washington lately?” “The entire United States,” I noted, “has been having ridiculous weather for quite some time.” “Yeah, yeah, well,” he responded with a dismissive wave of his hands, “you know what I mean – it’s almost as if God Himself was punishing us for putting…” his eyes rolled toward the White House, visible through the picture window, “you know… somebody like that guy in charge.” [...]


While I was stuck here in Washington with all the world’s problems and rotten weather to boot, Cerise made it out of town last weekend for a nice trip to St. Croix.  And as luck would have it, thanks to winter storm Pax, despite her planned return on Thursday she was stuck there until at least Friday.  So she decided to take another weekend in the islands and attempt a return tomorrow.  With Veronica similarly occupied in the fun and sun of Cancún, enjoying, by the way, the amorous company of a certain married member of Congress who should know better, I was left alone at home with nobody for company but my cat Twinkle.  At least the snow put [...]

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